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19th Annual CRMC Performance Driving School                                    


(items double-checked by inspector during At Track Safety Check)


Make  _____________________________ Model:  _____________________________________________ Year: __________


I understand that the condition of my car is my responsibility and the technical inspector is not responsible for any potential failure of my car.  I / we acknowledge that the Carolina Regional Mustang Club (CRMC) and the Open Track Staff hold me/us responsible for the condition of this vehicle. I release, acquit, and forever discharge the organizers, Carolina Motorsports Park, CRMC, the Open Track Staff and any sponsoring business, their officers, members, contractors, lessors, associates, successors or assigns from any and all liability, claims for damages or causes which may come from failure for whatever reason of inspected vehicle, whether or not due to negligence.


Date:______________ Driver/Owner  Print: __________________________________Sign: _________________________________

Date:______________ 2nd Driver        Print: __________________________________Sign: _________________________________

For 16 & 17 year old students:

Date:______________ Parent/Guardian   Print: ________________________________Sign: ________________________________


Inspecting Service Shop:  ___________________________________________________     Date: _____________________


Complete all lines with ___ before you come to the track


___      Brake lights: all working                                                         ___      Hub caps & beauty rings removed

___      Tire pressures - car specs or adjusted for track conditions   ___      Tires good.  Min. 2/32” tread, H,V or Z rating recommended

___      All lug nuts present & torqued to spec                                   ___      Front & rear glass clean, unobstructed, no major cracks

___      No excessive fluid leaks; gas, oil, coolant, brake fluid.          ___      Gas cap tight or taped shut

___ Windshield wipers working and in good condition                      ___      Mirrors: Left-hand exterior & windshield rear view required

Engine Compartment and Interior

___      Battery secured (no bungees), positive terminal covered      ___      Cameras, gages, g-analyst, etc. mounted securely

___      Double throttle return springs required in carburetors            ___      Brake fluid: fluid fresh, proper level, system bled  

___      Throttle linkage: not sticky or sloppy                                                            Date of last brake fluid change  ____/____/____

___      Coolant system: proper level, hoses good, clamps tight        ___      Brake pedal firm and high

___      Radiator cap holds pressure                                                   ___      Engine belts: properly tightened, not frayed or cracked

Under Car – on lift or jack stands

___     Brake pads:  adequate pad thickness (Minimum 5mm, consider bringing extras if not new)

___     Brake rotors: within factory specs, not warped or cracked           ___   Calipers, hoses & lines: clean, dry & working properly

___     Wheel bearings: No excessive play                                              ___   Wheels: straight, not damaged, no cracks

___     Steering linkage: No excessive play                                             ___   Suspension: no excessive play, no cracks/bad rust in mounts

___     Check transmission and differential levels                                    ___   Check rear engine, transmission seals for excessive seepage

___     Check for hydraulic leaks; axle seals, clutch slave cylinder          ___   Exhaust: no under car leaks.  All clamps and hardware tight

___     Check drive shaft & half-shaft bolts for looseness 

Safety Equipment & Rules

___      Front seat belts: proper working condition. If harnesses used with harness bar, roll bar or roll cage, minimum 5 point required.

            Equal protection must be provided for instructor/passenger.

___      Roll bar: Minimum 4-point mounting. Required for most convertibles in C, B & A groups.  Adequate padding required

            on bar/cage at any possible contact point with driver’s or passenger’s head.

___      No Nitrous or other fuel enhancements allowed.

At Track Only
       Helmet: Snell SA2010 or SA2015 with Snell sticker inside.  Absolutely required to get on the track.

At Track Only       Clothing: Long pants and long or short sleeve shirt of natural fibers, closed-toed shoes required.

At Track Only       All loose items removed from interior and trunk.  Glove box latched


At Track Use Only           box will be used during At Track Safety Quick Check


Inspector Initials: __________     Notes: