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Performance Driving School Series  

hosted by the Carolina Regional Mustang Club 

October 12-13, 2019
Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw, South Carolina

Event Information

Contact Information

Event Co-Chairmen:
Tom Hennig

Mark Hunter
Chief Instructor:
Norm Demers
Chief of Registration:
Karen Demers


The 19th edition of the Performance Driving School (PDS) Series hosted by the Carolina Regional Mustang Club provides you, the student, an opportunity to improve your driving skills in your own car with an experienced instructor on board on a real road course. IT IS NOT A RACING SCHOOL.  "Racing" will NOT be tolerated. The skills you learn at this school can be applied to situations we all face almost daily on our streets and highways. By learning how to maintain control of your vehicle during unexpected situations, you may someday be able to avoid an accident or injury. SAFETY is our primary goal.


All Makes and Models are always welcome, including Mustangs!!!!! We are a Mustang Club, but we want to help improve the skill level of ALL the drivers we see on the roads each day.


There will be a limit of 75 students! Please register early to assure your spot. All applications must be completed on line at


On the advice of our physician, we do not accept applications from participants who are or may be pregnant.


Persons with a physical impairment, which may interfere with their participation, should contact Tom Hennig or Mark Hunter before registering.



All students in Groups D (beginner), C (novice) and B (intermediate) will receive classroom and in-car instruction throughout the weekend. Your in-car instructor will provide 2-way, in car communication equipment. Classroom attendance is mandatory for all students. Advanced drivers assigned to Group A are not assigned an instructor but may request one by contacting Norm Demers at 704-577-7101. Special, challenging, driving exercises are conducted in Groups B, C, and D throughout the weekend.



All students will be assigned by the Chief Instructor to one of four run groups (A thru D) according to their skill level and vehicle potential as described by the entrant in the experience section of MotorsportReg. You will receive your group assignment and vinyl windshield car number at the track. The full 14-turn, 2.25-mile road course will be used. Controlled passing will be allowed.


“Young Drivers”, 16 and 17 years old with at least a Learners Permit may participate with parental consent. Consent forms will be available only at the track during the event, and a parent must be at the track with their Young Driver for the duration of the school. All Young Drivers will be assigned to the D Group regardless of prior experience. Young Drivers may be on the track only with their instructors. Young drivers 15 years old with a learners permit may be allowed to participate with the prior approval of the Chief Instructor. Parents please contact Norm Demers at 704-577-7101 for approval prior to registering your 15 year old for the driving school. All other students and instructors must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid state driver’s license.


LAPPING DAY: On Friday, October 11, we will join Turn One for additional track time for registered advanced students and instructors at special rates. See additional information below.



Friday, October 11, 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM - Registration and tech for Friday Lapping Day ONLY

Friday, October 11, 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM - Registration and tech for all PDS students and instructors

Saturday, October 12, 6:30 to 9:00 AM - Registration and tech for all PDS students and instructors

Avoid the Saturday morning rush.  You’ll be glad you came on Friday evening!

Anyone wishing to leave vehicles or car trailers at the track may do so. Gates are open all night Friday and Saturday.  Security will be provided beginning Thursday night for those participating on Friday lapping day.



  • Short or long sleeve shirts, long pants and closed toe shoes are required while driving on track. Your entry fee includes one free event shirt which will surely become a valued collector item!


  • Convertibles not on the approved list and without supplemental roll over protection and harnesses will be permitted in Group D only regardless of the driver's driving experience.


  • “Stock” convertibles in Groups A-C that are on the approved list and those not on the approved list with at least a 4-point roll bar and 5-point harnesses for both the driver and the passenger.


  • Modified” convertibles (non-DOT tires, non-production blowers or turbos, strokers, radical suspensions, etc.) that significantly add to the vehicle’s speed potential require at least a full 6-point roll cage and at least 5-point harnesses for the driver and passenger regardless of run group.


  • All convertibles are subject to inspection no later than two weeks prior to the event.Please contact Tom Hennig 704-305-3778, Mark Hunter 803-493-8882 or Norm Demers 704-577-7101 prior to registering if you plan to drive a convertible in any run group other than D.


  • All cars are required to be tech inspected by a qualified service person or facility PRIOR TO THE EVENT.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that your car is safe. If you are confident in your mechanical ability you may do the inspection yourself. IMPORTANT: The inspection is for your safety and the safety of others on track. Don't short cut this critical inspection. Download the pre-event tech form with  checklist under the Performance Driving School at . You must bring the completed form with you to the track. Vehicles with a current log book and annual tech sticker for 2019 from organizations such as NASA, SCCA, PCA, etc, are exempt from the pre-tech requirement & at-track inspection, but drivers must present their log book and helmet to tech at the track.


  • Only one driver per car per run group is allowed.You may share your car with someone in a different run group as assigned by the chief instructor, however, each driver must register and pay the entry fee. The schedule can be tight and the wear and tear on the vehicle increases significantly if a car is used in two groups. Please contact Norm Demers, Chief Instructor, 704-577-7101 prior to registering if you plan to share a car.


  • Helmet Snell SA2010 or SA2015 date is required. Please bring your own helmet if possible.Examples of required Snell stickers can be seen on the helmet link under the Performance Driving School The Club has 5 for rent, 1st come, 1st served, that must be reserved prior to the event.A nominal fee will be charged when reserving a helmet on line.Reserve yours when you register on .


  • All cars must provide equal restraint for driver and instructor.If you a have 5-point harness, provide one for your instructor - he/she will thank you!


  • Camping will be available at CMP, and you will deal directly with the Track at the main gate to sign up and pay the fee. Contact the track at 803-475-2448 for the current fee.


  • Garages are available for rent. Contact CMP by calling the track at 803-475-2448.



    Registration Fees Performance Driving School October 12-13, 2019:


    Regular Registration               $325.00     Adults 18 or older. Registration closes Sep 30


    Early Bird Registration            $299.00     Before midnight July 15, 2019 Adults 18 or older


    Student, LEO, Military            $225.00    16 & 17 plus all HS & college students with current ID 
    with ID card                                                                through Sep 30

  • InstructorsNo charge for Saturday and Sunday.


    Friday Lapping Day, October 11, 2019 :

                Advanced Students Registered for Weekend School:     $150.00


                Instructors Approved for Weekend School:                      $100.00

    You must be registered for the weekend school as either an ADVANCED student as assigned by the Chief Instructor or an instructor to sign up for the lapping day at this special rate on MotorsportReg. Others are welcome to register directly with Turn One on their website at their normal rates by visiting  .




    We will run rain or shine. There will be a $50 per driver cancellation fee on all refunds. Cancellation requests must be made in writing or by email to the Chief of Registration and received no later than midnight (2400 hours) on October 2, 2019 in order to receive refund of the paid entry fee minus the $50.00 cancellation fee. If canceled after the above date and time, no refund will be provided.


Host Hotel:     Colony Inn, Camden, SC


The Colony Inn - 2020 W Dekalb St, Camden, SC, PHONE 803-432-5508

Located down Highway 601 only 18 miles from the track and . King and double rooms available. Rooms are available at the rate of $75/night plus tax for single king bed and $79/per night plus tax for 2 beds. Be sure to mention the Carolina Regional Mustang Club Driving School to get the reduced rate. Rooms sell out quickly.


Other hotel information:

  • Knights Inn - 322 East DeKalb Street, Camden, SC803-432-2453
  • Holiday Inn Express - 521 at I-20, Camden, SC803-424-5000
  • Comfort Inn & Suites -521 at I-20, Camden, SC803-425-1010
  • Executive Inn301 S. Hampton St, Kershaw, SC803-475-7575
  • Econo Lodge - 529 Highway 601 S, Lugoff, SC803-438-6990
  • Days Inn - 542 Highway 601S, Lugoff, SC803-438-1807
  • Super 8 – 1201 Hwy 9 By-Pass, Lancaster, SC803-283-1200
  • Quality Inn – 114 Commerce Blvd, Lancaster, SC803-283-1188


The Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) track is located at 3662 Kershaw Hwy (SC 521) approximately 20 miles north of I-26, and about 40 miles south of Charlotte on SC 521.


From the Executive Inn, follow SC 521 south to CMP which will be on your left approximately five miles south of Kershaw.


From the Lancaster area, take Hwy 9 by-pass East and South around Lancaster to SC 521 south. Follow SC 521 south to Kershaw, SC. CMP will be on your left approximately five miles south of Kershaw.


From the Camden/Lugoff area, take SC 521 north. The track will be on your right as you approach Kershaw.