Our Charities

St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is our main national charity recipient. Over the years we have contributed close to $50,000 in donations to this worthy organization. The letters we have received from children patients, as well as some of the guest speakers we have had at our meetings that benefited from St Jude’s, has encouraged and reassured us that our donations are going to a worthy cause!  Please visit https://www.stjude.org for more information.

Wounded Warriors Family Support is another great nationally known organization that we are supporting. They are providing much needed support to the families of those how have been wounded, injured or killed during combat operations.  For additional information about this wonderful organization, please visit their website at http://www.wwfs.org.

Carolina Regional Mustang Club is a family oriented club and we look for organizations that we can help to make a difference in our community! At the local level we have reached out to a diverse group of charitable organizations; groups that help children, battered women, the homeless, and animals.  

Some of the charities we have supported are:
We are a very proactive club and love to get our Mustangs out in the limelight!  
CRMC members not only provide financial support, but they provide their cars and their time for special events, parades and car shows. Last year our club staged a mini car show for a local nursing home and a Salvation Army event. Our club also provides Mustang convertibles for several local high school proms as well as 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas parades. And we are well known for being out in large numbers too!

Like any club we have members on committees to guide our charitable giving but all members are encouraged to present suggestions for consideration. Charity efforts go beyond just raising money! Our members “support thru participation” many of the charities we champion. CRMC members attend events like “Kids First” and volunteer to provide “sweat equity” with other charities like “Habitat for Humanity”.  Being a member of an awesome Mustang club is great! But giving of your time and resources to those in need can be the most rewarding for those that give…We have truly been blessed as we have helped others.