Ponies in the Spotlight

August 2009

August 2009: Justin Jacobs’ ‘06 Coupe

Having always been a fan of sports cars, I purchased my first in 1998 (1998 V6 Chevrolet Camaro). I loved the car, it was fast (300 Stock HP) and while I didn't customize it, it was a great looking car in of itself. But as usual I was having "TOO MUCH FUN" with it, and it was time to let it go… Fast Forward 10 years later….

July 2009

July 2009: Ray Michue's '65 Coupe

My involvement with Mustangs started, about 10 years ago. I grew up as a GM fan in New Jersey. I was looking for a 65 Olds Cutlass 442, but due to the price of the ones I found, it was almost impossible to afford one on a teacher’s salary with 3 girls in college. I looked and looked, but none were available in the price range I could afford.

June 2009: Jim Edwards' '08 Shelby GT

Cigarettes and Shelbys—An Unlikely Tale

A little background first.  I was born six-plus decades ago on a tobacco farm in eastern rural Pitt County, NC.  My father was originally a farmer, my mom came from a farming family, my grandparents were farmers, my uncles and aunts were farmers and with few exceptions, all of my classmates lived and worked on family farms.  In those days, farms were small and family-owned and operated and the biggest cash crop was tobacco.  In fact, Pitt County held the distinction of being the largest tobacco producing county in the nation.  And it was clearly reflected by the plethora of tobacco warehouses in the town of Greenville.  Tobacco was KING!

April 2009: Mark Young's '66 K-code GT 2+2

Sometimes, things are just meant to be………

Being an amateur Mustang restorer and collector of sorts, I have a wish list of Cars I’d like to own before I meet my maker. A ‘65 or ’66 Shelby is at the top of that list. But lets face it, they’re priced way out of my reach and with no expected windfalls in my near or distant future, it will continue to remain at the top of my list. Second was always a Hi-Po fastback, figuring it would be the next best thing.


March 2009: Kurt & Jun Harris' Shelby GT500

The name Shelby. What do you think of when you hear that name? If you are like me, a passionate Ford fan, Mustang fan and muscle car fan, you think of a sleek fastback body style, air ducts bringing cool air into hot performance parts, an acoustic growl and a certain Snake which has become iconic in automotive legend. Shelby- almost mythical like King Arthurs advisor Merlin, a man who molded a boy into a king. In this case a man who molded a "Secretary’s Car" into the fire breathing "King of the Road". When the name Shelby comes up it’s usually a group of car fans talking about which car from the 1960s was the best, the fastest, the brightest in a parking lot full of cars with names like Barracuda, Corvette, Charger, Camaro, or Superbird. It comes out of the mouth of people who brag that Yenko's Camaro was the fastest, or the Hemi was the best engine. But no matter if they are Dodge fans or GM fans the talk will come around to those Shelby Mustangs. Maybe a father or uncle will tell a young lad with visions of chrome wheels and loud dual exhaust the story about a buddy who had a Hemi 'Cuda who made the mistake of thinking that little Mustang with the blue stripes at the light was easy pickings until all he saw was the word SHELBY written across the trunk as the tailights faded away into the night.