Ponies in the Spotlight

May 2015

Snake Bitten
by Clay Bivens

My first car was a 1965 coupe with a pony interior, 289 V8 and automatic. Boy, did I love that car. I'm sure most of you guys and girls can imagine at 16 years old how COOL I was! I had lots of good times riding around ‘idiot circle’ in Kannapolis (if anyone knows and remembers that). As life moved on, so did the ‘65.

April 2015

Predestined Pony
by James Cotton

When I turned fifteen, my parents asked me what I wanted for my first car. Without hesitation I said I wanted a 1964 ½ Mustang convertible, red with a black top. I remember my Dad’s eyes lit up when I said that because when he was that age he wanted one so badly he could taste it. Over most of the next year we searched for the perfect Mustang for me. By perfect I mean one that did not need a lot of work, was not too expensive, and was as close as possible to what I asked for. I remember looking at a lot of 66 coupes that Dad would always say needed too much work.

March 2015

by Dave Goff

I recently had the good fortune to add an original 1965 AMF Mustang Pedal Car to the Goff Mustang collection. I thought the CRMC membership might enjoy reading a little history of these Midget Mustangs, so here goes!

During this 50th Anniversary Year celebration of our favorite pony car, the Ford Mustang, we are all familiar with "feeding frenzy" that took place when the Mustang was first offered for sale on April 17, 1964. Not only were over 21,000 M

February 2015

"Week One Mustang"
by Dave Goff

This story starts with a telephone call I received one night in 2012 from a former work acquaintance who remembered my interest in Mustangs. She was in the process of moving her elderly mother from Florida to North Carolina and as they were closing up the house, decided to address the future of her deceased father's '65 Mustang fastback. Unfortunately, what had once been the pride and joy of an auto mechanics instructor had been slowly rusting away outdoors in the humid south Florida atmosphere beneath layers of wet carpet, rotted tarps, and pine needles. Upon looking at several photos of the rusty hulk, I quickly decided that the project was bigger than my limited resources and my even more limited skills. Enter my brother-in-law, Dean, who has never seen a project car that has too much rust, because he has the skills and the tools to cut out rust and replace it with good sheet metal. He suggested we make a road trip to see the car up close and personal. Upon further inspection in Vero Beach, even Dean decided the car was a lost cause, and as we walked away, my friend said, "Just give me something and take the car with you." Dean gave her $300 cash, and the next several hours were spent prying the car loose from the ground and dragging it onto the trailer. My job was to watch out for rattlesnakes! On the way home from Florida, we joked about what folks thought of the two idiots hauling such a rough-looking Mustang 2+2, but mostly we were worried about rusty pieces flying off the car at highway speed and damaging a car that may be following too close!

May 2013


Is there anyone out there that loves second generation Mustangs? I know one person who does, my wife Lorie. About three years ago I bought a Mustang II. Of course I hadn’t told Lorie; if I had she would have immediately said “STOP”! Not because it was a Mustang II but because we already had two Mustangs sitting in the garage and no room for another.