Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration Registration

Registration is now open !!!

Click on the following link to go directly to the Charlotte registration page charlotte registration

Or click the following link to go to the main site

Please note that you should register as soon as possible if you want to display your Mustang.  You do not have to register and pay for all the options at this time.  You will be able to return to the site and register for additional options/events throughout the planning process as new events and options become available.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mustang 50th Celebration Update - May 2013

The Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration is getting nearer by the day. The final agreements with MCA and the Charlotte Motor Speedway were finalized and signed the first week of May. Registration for the event will open within the next couple weeks. CRMC is supposed to get an advanced registration opportunity 24-48hrs. prior to it being offered to the general populous!

Mustang 50th Celebration Update - April 2013

Referencing the letter from Ron Bramlett, the overall MCA 50th Chair Person…… A lot has transpired this month concerning planning, contract negotiations and such, since that was written. April 17th , 2013 has come and gone but the tedious work behind the scenes is alive and busier than ever. Look for a significant update, via e-mail, between now and our monthly meeting on May 7th. I think you’ll like what you hear according to the MCA powers at be! Until then…..Hold Tight and Stay Tuned!!

AutoFair Pictures are up!

I've finally got the AutoFair pictures up.

Please check them out under Features --> Photo Gallery --> 2013 Events

Then click on one of the pictures to start the slideshow.

Congratulations to our award winners:

Membership Update - March 2013

At this writing, CRMC has 149 households in good standing with a total of 339 members when all family members are counted. Many of you responded to last month’s letter that explained how CRMC failed to remind members when their membership was due to expire. Thanks to those who renewed their membership and welcome back. One hundred forty-nine households is still low but so much better than the 100 we started with in January.

Mended memberships, as explained in the February newsletter, expire on March 31, 2013 so if you received a reminder letter, you still have a few weeks to renew. If you miss the cutoff, no problem. You’ll just start again as a new member when your dues are received. We hope you enjoy CRMC and will continue as a member.