2015 Fall Wine Cruise

Well folks, the 2015 CRMC fall wine cruise was on October 23, 24,25th. It was definitely one for the history books. We had a record number of members and a record number of Mustangs. For those that couldn't attend here is what happened. 

Spring Wine Cruise 2015

The 2015 CRMC spring wine cruise was Sunday, May 17th with a visit to the Owl's Eye Vineyard in Shelby, NC. Thirty six club members participated in this event. We had Mustangs from 64-1/2 convertibles (Tim and Kelly Davis) to Mike and Lorie Williams' 2015 convertible. As with every event the 'Mustang cruise' is always special. We had 14 beautiful Mustangs cruising down I-85 south from our meeting place at exit 33 to Shelby, a total of about 47 miles.
Our time at the Owl's Eye Vineyard, (which is owned by Ophthamologist Frank Hannah, hence the name for the vineyard) was very enjoyable. Most members chose to participate in the wine tastings. There were some 'hops and barley' drinkers but the point is that they were there to enjoy the event. The staff provided us with excellant service, with Barbara Hannah, the owners wife, explaining every wine on their list. With a large indoor area with air conditioning and a outdoor patio area with tables and chairs with umbrellas and live music, our folks had their choice of location to enjoy the companionship of other club members.
Dinner was catered by Kevin from 'Box Car Grille' and once again it was perfect. We had great food, great service, great companionship, great weather and beautiful Mustangs to look at and drive. More and more club members are realizing how much fun this club really can be when there are events like the spring wine cruise to participate in. Stay tuned for information on the 2015 fall wine cruise on October 23rd to the 25th in Sparta, NC. and our second 'Murder Mystery dinner' coming up on Febuary 27th 2016 at Shadow Springs vineyard.

Spring Wine Cruise

The CRMC 2015 spring wine cruise will be Sunday May 17th. We will be going to the Owl's Eye Vineyard in Shelby, NC. This is not an overnight event, just an afternoon get together with your fellow Mustang club members. Dinner will be provided by the same caterer that we had for the Murder Mystery dinner, which was a great success.

We will be gathering at a 'to be announced' location about 1pm. We will arrive at the vineyard between 2 and 2:30, have tasting for those that want to partake, relax and enjoy the companionship and the beautiful scenery in the hills of Shelby. Dinner will be ready about 4:30 and we should be heading home by 6:00 O'clock.

To sign up for this event call or contact Steve Hartung at 704-641-1305, email